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Acupuncture Point Injection

ACUPUNCTURE POINT INJECTION THERAPY (APIT) is one of the needling techniques in acupuncture therapy.  It uses the acupuncture meridian system by 

injecting the points with small amounts of sterile medicinal solutions to obtain a dual effect of acupoint stimulation and the pharmacological effect of the 

substance injected. This stronger treatment of the acupoint injection can continue to stimulate the 

location up to 36 to 48 hours as the fluids are absorbed.

At our clinic, we utilize sterile homeopathic solutions produced by a German company and other pharmaceutical grade solutions and vitamins direct from FDA regulated pharmacies. AIT can be used solo or in conjunction with other modalities and is very effective for alleviating acute or chronic pain, preventing illness, and improving overall body functions.


*AIT can be also known as bio-puncture, aqua-puncture, trigger point injection, acupuncture point injection therapy (APIT), point injection therapy (PIT), wet needle therapy, mesotherapy (small injections–pain/cosmetic), prolotherapy (dextrose–repairs), and neural therapy (procaine–scars/nerves).




Injection Only Appointment

For an injection only appointment: initial injection to one area is $60, additional injections/areas are *$25-55 dollars each depending on the substance.


Appointment Add-On

If added to an existing appointment, the cost is $30 for the initial injection/area and *$25-55 for each subsequent substance or area. 



Package of 10 injections for $400 which can be used in your appointment or as a stand alone treatment. Stand alone treatments are no more than 10 minutes. 

We are offering 25% for the month of May. The package is valid for 6 months. 

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